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Cheers and 80 Proof have introduced a fresh new menu that offers a range of pub favourites and dishes that add flavours and fare from abroad.

To top off our dining experience, Cheers and 80 Proof boast an extensive wine and beverage list with a selection of international ales, cocktail concoctions and memorable wines.

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While many will say we are known for our sport and friendly service, Cheers and 80 Proof have been quietly perfecting our delivery and offer in terms of dining.

With a new international bent, the Cheers and 80 Proof menu celebrates everything we know and love from countries around the world.

Mixed with the usual best pub dishes such as parmigiana’s, chargrilled steaks and beef burgers, are dishes such as fried buttermilk chicken, red chicken curry, lentil burgers, Mexican schnitzels and grilled seafood platters to name a few.

Our downstairs dining and bar area 80 Proof, also offers a dedicated kids menu seven days a week and Cheers upstairs has a range of early starters including eggs on toast, a big breakfast and a bun on the run.

Mixed with our ongoing menu is a selection of daily specials and you can also enjoy a lunch for less with our $12 Lunch Special, available from 10 to 4pm from Saturday to Thursday.

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Cheers and 80 Proof are pleased to offer all the crowd favourite beers on tap including Tooheys New, XXXX, Heineken and Hahn Super Dry. We also offer a number of craft beers such as White Rabbit and James Squire as well as lagers, pilsners, pale and dark ales and bottled ciders.

In terms of our wine list, Cheers and 80 Proof have a range of options including sparkling & champagne, rosé, white wine, red wine and moscato.

For a cocktail fix, our signature underground 80 Proof bar mixes up a number of signature cocktail drinks including an Iced Tea, Caipirinha with a passionfruit twist, Charlie Chaplin, Rye Whiskey mix, Vodka combo coined the ‘Dutch Kitten’ and a 19th century inspired Morning Glory Fizz.

Peruse through our beverage list by clicking the link below.

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